▼ Thermal Blanket Insulation

prevents radiant heat loss and saves energy. It can applied on exposed pipes , valves and equipment prevents unnecessary heat loss and reduce energy cost. SUNTEX provide high temperature textiles for hot face and cold face, we also can provide some accessories for blankets fabricating


▼ Smoke Curtain & Fire Curtain

A fire curtain and smoke curtain is a vertically or horizontally deployable barrier made of fire-resistant materials, such as specialized fabrics or steel panels, designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke within a building.

Suntex offers a full range of fabrics for fire curtains and smoke curtains, and has been exporting them worldwide for several years.

▼ Welding protection

Suntex provides welding cloth in roll form or prefabricated blankets to against sparks and welding spatters. Products can be supplied for horizontal or vertical way. Blankets are hemmed with high temperature thread and with grommet. are able to withstand temperature up to 1200℃ maximum. Size available from 3’×3′ to 20’×13′, customized.


Nowadays fiberglass is used in HVAC system, replacing traditional air duct, air valves, diffusers and thermal insulation material. Compared to metal duct, fiberglass have these features: easy to clean/wash; fast to install; low weight; customizable look and long lifetime. Suntex provides variety of textiles with good fire performance, high strength and flexible . East to cut, good fabrication during punching and sewing work, which can fulfill the demands of ventilation system.

▼ Fire Proof & Fire Resistance

Fire-resistant fabrics for passive insulation covers are specifically designed to provide thermal insulation while offering high resistance to flames and heat. These fabrics are typically made from fire-retardant materials, such as fiberglass, silica, ceramic fibers, or specially treated fibers.

passive fire resistance

▼ Expansion joints

Expansion joints ensure an appropriate compensation of thermal and mechanical dilatations of the fumes channels, hot air pipelines and other media.

Suntex provide variety of high strength rubber coated fabric and high temperature textiles not contain any asbestos and can withstand high temperature up to 1000℃, oil resistance, chemical resistance, ozone resistance