Do you know how many fire accidents are caused by improper welding?
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According to media reports, most of the fires caused by electric welding and cutting every year are caused by igniting combustible materials stored in or near the welding place. Therefore, the safety risks of electric welding operations should be paid great attention. The use of electric welding blankets in the electric welding area can prevent sparks and hot metal splashes. If a fire occurs, equip fire extinguishing equipment and ensure that all personnel know how to use welding fireproof cloth correctly. It is suitable for occasions where there are welding sparks and can easily cause fires. It can withstand sparks, slag, welding spatter, etc., and can isolate the workplace and separate working layers. It can effectively eliminate fire hazards that may be caused during welding work, protect people and equipment on site, and can also be used as a light barrier to establish a safe, clean and standardized working space.
The appropriate welding fireproof cloth can be selected according to the size of welding sparks and slag.
Common welding fireproof cloths include acrylic-coated fiberglass cloth, silicone cloth, polyurethane-coated fiberglass cloth, graphite-coated fiberglass cloth,silica cloth, etc.
Although electric welding plays an important role in industrial production, its safety risks cannot be ignored. Through effective preventive measures and emergency preparedness, the probability of fire accidents and the losses caused can be greatly reduced. Therefore, improving the safety awareness and capabilities of welding workers is crucial to ensuring the safety of workers and the smooth progress of industrial production. We call on all relevant practitioners and enterprises to work together to create a safer welding working environment.

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