Fire blankets For welding

OEM for pre-sized blankets or rolls.

Welding Blankets

Suntex Composite Co., Ltd as a leading manufacturer of high temperature industrial textiles, has a full team for OEM fire & welding blankets, can supply different kinds of pre-sized blankets or rolls.

Light Duty Blankets

Light duty fiberglass blankets designed for light, general purpose welding for protection against light sparks and minial spatter.

Medium Duty Blankets

Medium duty fiberglass blankets designed for heavier welding with sparks, spatter and lighter slag. which are offer a veriety of coating or non-coating.

Heavy Duty Blankets

Heavy duty blankets are for use with heavy sparks, spatter and slag. Which are made by silica fabric or vermiculite coated fiebrglass farbic.

Styles of Blankets’ Selvedges

Welding blankets typically have different styles of selvedges, which are the finished edges of the fabric that prevent it from unraveling.

OEM capacity of Suntex Composite

We are the biggest manufacturer of high temperature industrial textiles in China, All materials for making welding blankets come from our company’s own production. And we have a professional team responsible for making welding blankets, can control quality in the high level.