As a manufacturer of fire blankets, you offer two types: one made of fiberglass fabric and the other made of coated fiberglass fabric. Fire blankets are essential safety products that can be used to extinguish small fires or protect individuals from flames and heat. They are commonly used in kitchens, laboratories, workshops, and other environments where fire hazards may occur.

The fiberglass fabric fire blanket is made of woven fiberglass material. It is known for its excellent fire resistance and durability. The fabric is capable of withstanding high temperatures and can effectively smother flames by cutting off the oxygen supply. Fiberglass fire blankets are often used in industrial settings and are suitable for a wide range of fire types.

Fire-Blanket-without-coating-2 Fire-Blanket-without-coating

On the other hand, the coated fiberglass fabric fire blanket is made of fiberglass fabric that has been coated with a fire-resistant material. The coating enhances the fire resistance of the blanket and provides additional protection. Coated fiberglass fire blankets are commonly used in residential settings, commercial buildings, and places where aesthetics and ease of use are important factors.

Both types of fire blankets serve the same purpose of extinguishing small fires and protecting individuals. The choice between the two depends on specific requirements, such as the intended application, fire hazards present, and personal preferences.

If you have any specific questions or need further information about fire blankets or their manufacturing process, feel free to ask!

Item No.Size (thickness 0.4mm)
11.0m x 1.0 m
21.2m x 1.2 m
31.2m x 1.5 m
41.2m x 1.8 m
51.5m x 1.5 m
61.8m x 1.8 m