Fire Blankets

Fireproof blankets and heat resistant fabrics

Suntex is a leading supplier of heat resistant fabrics and high temperature fire blankets. With a wide range of products designed to withstand extreme heat environments, Suntex offers reliable solutions for industries such as aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing. Their high-quality materials provide exceptional thermal insulation and fire protection, ensuring safety and efficiency in challenging conditions. Trust Suntex for all your heat-resistant fabric needs.

Wide Variety of Heat-Resistant Fabrics

Experience the versatility of our comprehensive collection of heat-resistant fabrics, designed to meet a wide spectrum of application requirements. Explore our range, including the following:

1) Industrial fire blankets and fire blanket rolls 2) Welding blankets and welding curtains 3) Fire resistant fabrics

4) Fire pit mats 5) Thermal insulation covers 6) Car fire blankets 7) Other custom formats

Silicone coating, 560gsm

Flame and weld protection blanket for industrial applications.

Silicone coating, 1120gsm

Institutional grade flame and weld protection blanket for critically demanding applications.

Aluminzed fiberglass

Coated with aluminum foil, reflecting radiant heat awya from the materail.

Silica Fabric

Woven SiO2 blankets offer continuous flame protection to 982°C (1800°F).

Vermiculite Silica Fabric

Offering exceptional heat resistance and protection.

Fire pit mat

Safeguard your outdoor spaces with our durable and heat-resistant mat

Thermal insulation covers

Enhance energy efficiency and protect equipment with our high-performance cover, reducing heat loss.

Car Fire Blanket

Car fire blankets

Compact and flame-resistant safety tool for vehicles.