High Silica Glass Fiber Fabric for High Temperature

–Fire resistance, working temperature rating up to 1000 0C

–Excellent chemical resistance

–Soft and pliable

–Excellent anti-abrasion property

— Asbestos-free, halogen-free

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Technical Specs


Expansion Fabric Joint, Fire/Welding Blanket, High Temp Resistance, Thermal Insulation


High silica glass fiber fabric is a particular fiberglass fabric that contains more than 96% silicon dioxide. High silica fiberglass is excellent for very high-temperature resistance and fire resistance. With superior heat resistance, it can withstand continuous temperatures of 1000 degrees Celsius for long periods of time.

— Insulation covers, padding, lagging

— Welding/fire protection

— Fire curtains & doors

–Expansion joints

–High-temperature insulation

–Other heavy-duty fire control systems

TypeCoating MaterialsWeight / Thicknessfeature
high silica fabric/ SL600Non600 gsm / 0.7mmhigh temp resistant, without coating
high silica fabric/ SL1100Non1100 gsm / 1.3mmhigh temp resistant, without coating
PU high silica fabric/ SL600-PU113-2044PU630 gsm / 0.7mmhigh temp resistant for welding & insulation
Silicone high silica fabric/SL600-SI254-1160Silicone850 gsm/ 0.8mmhigh temp resistant, oil proof, chemistry proof
Vermiculite high silica fabric/SL600-VE216-5021Vermiculite620 gsm/ 0.65mmSuper high temper resistant
Vermiculite high silica fabric/SL1200-VE216-5022Vermiculite1250 gsm/ 1.3mmSuper high temper resistant

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environmental friendly

non flammable

non Asbestos


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