Vermiculite Coated Silica Fabric

Weight: 640gsm~1140gsm| Thickness: 0.6~1.3mm

Coating: Vermiculite| Base Fabric: High Silica

Work Temperature

Long Time: 900℃

Short Time: 1200℃

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Technical Specs


High Temp Resistance, Thermal Insulation




Vermiculite Coated Silica Fabric: High Temperature Protection for Extreme Environments

Vermiculite coated high silica fabric is a remarkable innovation in the field of high-temperature protection. Combining high silica fabric’s exceptional heat resistance with the vermiculite coating’s unique properties, this fabric offers unparalleled performance in extreme environments. With a long-time work temperature of 900℃ and a short-time work temperature of 1200℃, it provides reliable thermal insulation and protection in a wide range of industrial applications.

Vermiculite Coated Silica Fabric

Benefits of Vermiculite Coated Silica Fabric:

  1. Superior Heat Resistance: The base fabric of vermiculite coated high silica fabric is made from high silica fibers, which exhibit exceptional resistance to heat. This fabric can withstand prolonged exposure to temperatures up to 900℃, making it ideal for applications where heat protection is crucial.
  2. Enhanced Thermal Insulation: The vermiculite coating on the fabric acts as an additional layer of insulation, further enhancing its ability to withstand high temperatures. This coating helps to reduce heat transfer, providing a barrier against radiant heat and minimizing the risk of thermal damage.
  3. Lightweight and Flexible: Despite its high-temperature capabilities, vermiculite coated high silica fabric remains lightweight and flexible. This makes it easy to handle and install, allowing for seamless integration into various industrial processes and applications.
  4. Chemical Resistance: The fabric’s vermiculite coating also provides excellent resistance to many chemicals, acids, and alkalis. This feature ensures the fabric’s durability and extends its service life even in corrosive environments.

Vermiculite Coated Silica Fabric

Applications of Vermiculite Coated Silica Cloth:

  1. Fire Protection: Vermiculite coated silica cloth is widely used in fire protection systems, such as fire curtains, fire blankets, and insulation wraps. Its ability to withstand high temperatures and provide effective thermal insulation makes it an invaluable asset in preventing the spread of fire and protecting personnel and assets.
  2. Welding and Foundry Operations: The fabric’s heat resistance and thermal insulation properties make it suitable for welding blankets, curtains, and shields. It effectively shields nearby equipment and personnel from sparks, molten metal, and radiant heat generated during welding and foundry operations.
  3. Heat Shielding: Vermiculite coated silica fabric is used in the manufacturing of heat shields for automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications. It provides a reliable barrier against intense heat, protecting sensitive components from thermal damage and ensuring optimal performance.
  4. Thermal Insulation: This fabric is employed as insulation wraps for pipes, ducts, and equipment in high-temperature environments. It helps to minimize heat loss, conserve energy, and maintain a safe working environment.

Vermiculite Coated Silica Fabric

Vermiculite coated high silica fabric offers exceptional heat resistance, enhanced thermal insulation, and chemical resistance, making it an ideal choice for high-temperature protection in various industries. Its lightweight and flexible nature, combined with its ability to withstand temperatures up to 900℃, make it a valuable asset in applications such as fire protection, welding operations, heat shielding, and thermal insulation. Choose vermiculite coated silica fabric for reliable and efficient protection in extreme environments.

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