The best solution for fire prevention of electric welding has been made for you! Electric welding operations are often accompanied by high temperatures and flying sparks, which are always frightening and worrying about accidents. Therefore, electric welding operations must be performed by professionally trained special operators, and complete safety precautions must be taken. 1. Personnel engaged in electric welding operations must undergo professional safety operation training, and after passing the training examination, they can work with a certificate. 2. Strictly implement the fire approval procedures and systems. With the approval of the leaders of the unit, the fire protection or safety technology department, and the approval of the fire permit, operations can be carried out only after obtaining it. 3. During welding operations, flammable and explosive items shall not be placed within 5 meters of the site, and the distance from oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders shall be more than 10 meters. 4. When welding containers, first find out whether the container has contained flammable and explosive items. If it has, it should be thoroughly cleaned and replaced before welding. 5. It is strictly forbidden to weld and cut in explosive places with flammable vapors, gases, dust or open flames. If welding is necessary, necessary safety precautions should be taken, such as preparing a welding blanket to ensure that there is no explosion hazard before starting the fire.
6. Check whether the welding tools are intact and in good condition before operation, and replace or repair the damaged welding wires in time.
7. There must be enough fire-fighting equipment within 2 meters, such as fire blankets and fireproof blankets. The stored fire-fighting equipment should be qualified and effective. It is best to have water and dry sand nearby.
8. After the construction work is completed, immediately eliminate the fire, thoroughly clean the work site, and monitor for a period of time to ensure that there is no problem before leaving the site.
Common welding fireproof cloths include acrylic coated glass fiber cloth, silicone cloth, polyurethane coated glass fiber cloth, graphite coated glass fiber cloth, high silica cloth, etc.

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