Fabrics for HVAC systems

From traditional metal ducting to insulation slab ducting, the applications have evolved over time.

Today, to ease fabrication complexity, the specification of a fiberglass slab system is one of the options that are popularly considered.

However, whether traditional or non-metal ducting, insulation is required thus, when insulation is necessary, it cannot be bare and exposed as the fibers will erode over time. Suntex manufactures a range of fabrics that have superior performance in abrasion and temperature resistance. Our fabrics do not support fire thus, they are suitable to be used for ventilation in both hazardous and non-hazard areas.

Fabric air duct

Fabric air duct/textile air distribution systems are fabricated using different textiles to transport both cold and hot air and distribute it throughout the building.

In particular areas like data centers, the specs of the fabrics used are higher in expectation, and the quality of the fabric is more stringent as well. This is so that data center are one of the areas in a building that is more prone to fire Hazard thus requires a fabric that do not support fire and is able to withstand high temperature.

Suntex has provided more than a million meters of specially formulated polymer-coated fiberglass fabric to be sewn into fabric air ducts, with different colors., strong, durable, and soft. Importantly, our range of fabrics for such applications is tested and complied with A2 certified to EN13501-1, achieving S1,d0 classification.

Air Duct

Fabric Flexible Connector

Fabric flexible connector is designed to isolate equipment noise and vibration from the ductwork, it’s widely used in air conditioning systems.

The connector is fabricated with fabric to metal joint, Suntex provides specially designed fiberglass fabric with silicone, polyurethane, and neoprene coating.

The fabrics are flame resistance, certified A2 to EN13501-1, M0 NFP701 , waterproof, air tight, high strength

Facing on the elastomer

Elastomeric foam is a very good air duct and thermal insulation material which can and material, flame retardant meet B1 to the standard EN130501-1, coated fiberglass laminated on the foam can increase the the fire rating to A2.

fabrics for elastomeric composite material

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