What is the difference between the fixed draft curtain and the movable draft curtain?

Fixed draft curtain installed under the ceiling or floor or hidden in the ceiling, vertical partitions that can prevent the horizontal flow of smoke and hot gases in the event of a fire. The draft curtain can be divided into rolling curtain type and flap type according to the activity mode.

The use of movable draft curtains is more flexible, and there is no requirement for the height of the ceiling, unlike the fixed sag height of draft curtains, the ceiling is too low and not suitable for installation; while movable draft curtains are in a contracted state in daily use, which is not suitable for buildings. There is no impact on aesthetics, only when a fire occurs, will it drop to the specified position or height.

17OZ Fireproof Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric For Fire Curtains And Welding Curtains


Suntex SI213-1015-k is a medium weight woven fiberglass cloth with a specially formulated, flame retardant silicone rubber coating. SI213-1015-k is designed for removable insulation covers, dust lagging and other fire control systems.



Fire resistance, high stability, low smoke release.

Good performance in spark & flame resistance.

Excellent anti abrasion property.

Chemicals resistance, weatherproof, waterproof.

Halogen free, asbestos free, non-itchy.

Smoke Curtain Fiberglass Fabric

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